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14 thoughts on “An Artificial Light (The Photographers Saga Book 2)

  1. Courtney Stuart Courtney Stuart says:

    The main character is Mimi Reventlow, the story setting Germany in 1911 a time when the world was changing, and a more modern way of life was starting to take shape. Mimi is a traveling photographer who has decided to look after her elderly uncle who is dying and has been a mentor to her and encouraged her to travel a path much less taken by women of the period. Much is made of the so-called romance in this story, but as always the path to true love and authenticity is never smooth, and sometimes love takes twists and turns that are unexpected. The story also looks at the power that industrialists had over their workers and the potential fight for human rights the unionists had to take up, so often forgotten in the modern world where such rights are taken for granted.
    This is the second book in an ongoing series, and as a reader with no access to the first novel, this book could have been improved with a little more backstory telling. As it was, the story starts with no introduction to the cast of characters, prior knowledge is expected, which made it hard to connect with the characters for a long period of time.
    One doesn’t get a strong feeling for the time period this story is set in, as very little detail is given about the housing, fashion or expectations of the people of the time. Its also not a period of history of the country well known to anyone who hasn’t grown up in Germany, so more background would have made this story much more fascinating. One can’t help but hope that women such as Mimi Reventlow really did exist as she will appeal to modern-day feminists. Strong, independent and determined to find a better life for those around her and for herself are characteristics that are well respected in a modern world.
    This book promised much but felt lacking somehow. It was a pleasant enough way to spend a day, but not enough to make one want to track down the next novel in the series.

  2. Vicki Boster Vicki Boster says:

    I am a fan of Petra Durst Benning's previous writings of The Glassblower series... so I was very excited for the advance opportunity to read this series based on photography. This book is the second in The Photographer series although it could easily serve as a stand alone book if you have not already read the first book.
    The book takes place in Germany in the early 1900's and tells the story of Mimi, a young girl whose passion for photography is sometimes overcome by her obligations to care for her dying Uncle and the ever evolving situations taking place in this turn of the century time frame. I found this to be a story of love, of passion, of obligations, and a story of chance. I loved the series...and find that the author has a beautiful way of telling her story. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book in advance of publication.
    My review is my own and is in no way required by the publisher.

  3. Fran Lewis Fran Lewis says:

    An Artificial light is the proper name for this novel. Without proper lightI got we can’t see the world around us for what it is, and Louise and Anton, definitely could not.

    The characters in the story are a victims of the circumstances they are born into. They work extremely hard and at the end of the day are maintaining but not gaining. And there is no hope in sight. They are very powerless over their own lives.

    I like that the people of the town were only too happy to help Alexander reach for his dreams.

    It was a story of a woman trying to make it in a mans world and one sided secret love affairs. It was a good story and I will make a point of reading this author again.

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  4. TJ TJ says:

    This story follows the life of Mimi Reventlow, a lady photography in the 1900’s. The first book in this series sets the stage for Mimi’s life living and learning photography from her uncle Joseph and now we get to see more of the village and meet a wide range of odd characters. I found the best parts of the book were during the photography sessions and learning about the weaving industry.
    I didn’t care for Johann’s part and Mimi didn’t completely win me over. All and all it was an OK read, not as good as I expected. The ending completely sets the stage for a sequel.
    I want to thank Amazon Crossing and NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this book for my honest unbiased opinion. This is a 4-star review.

  5. Maddielucy(Patti) Maddielucy(Patti) says:

    This is a good story. And its just that– a story about people in a small German town in 1911. Nothing major really happens. There are villains; there are good people; there is romance, and there is conflict. If you like historical fiction where its all about character development and story telling, you will like this. It was interesting to read about working conditions in the pre-union era, and you can understand why workers revolted. I enjoyed the Mimi character and learning about how photography evolved more creatively. However, I really couldn’t understand why such a strong woman was in love with someone who kept her at arm’s length, but that’s just me. I do recommend this for lovers of historical fiction. 4 stars. Disclaimer — I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. Thank you NetGalley and the publisher. #NetGalley 🤩🤩🤩🤩 Publish date 9/2020

  6. Sandra Pipitone Sandra Pipitone says:

    LOVE this author, she really tell story that you become part of! You won't want to put book down; cause your part of it! Can't wait till next book!

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An Artificial Light (The Photographers Saga Book 2) A defiant woman in pre–World War I Germany carves out her own unconventional destiny as the enthralling Photographer’s Saga continuesGermany,Certain things are expected of a woman Defiant Mimi Reventlow has chosen to be the woman she wants to be For now, that’s the resident, if temporary, photographer in Laichingen Here, against the odds, in a vocation uncommon for her gender, she maintains a struggling studio She cares for her aging uncle and mentor She’s captured the affections of a roguish young local And she dares to engage in a secret affair with Johann, the village’s prodigal sonBut when tragedy strikes, Mimi’s world is thrown into a state of flux Remain in a place she calls home? Stay loyal to the man she loves? Or follow her true calling, on the road, as a photographer of roving independence?Through dizzying betrayals, breathtaking new passions—both personal and professional—and the rumors of war, Mimi’s next choice could change her life once again So could the risks But as Mimi knows, taking risks is at the heart of all women who dream of a future

  • Kindle Edition
  • An Artificial Light (The Photographers Saga Book 2)
  • Petra Durst-Benning
  • English
  • 02 January 2018

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