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The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald So different from Gatsby and This Side of Paradise, but exceedingly clever and often funny Of course, this is where Fitzgerald made his money, so the stories tend to lean toward entertainment than does his serious work There s even a film based on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett If kids were forced to read that and The Diamond as Big as the Ritz , perhaps people would be Fitzgerald fans Or perhaps not.So as I continue to read, and stories echo or foreshadow The Great Gatsby, which I suppose is not much of a surprise This does not make them bad The I read, the I feel like Scott and I would have been friends, if, you know, I had money and went to Princeton and lived the high life during the Jazz Age.Favorite line from a short story so far from The Sensible Thing Well, let it pass, he thought April is over, April is over There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice. Shocking as it may seem, I had never read even a single line written by F Scott Fitzgerald till this week and this rather short collection of stories Never watched any of the big screen adaptations of his novels either, most notably of The Great Gatsby I had a feeling I d love him and in a way I was reserving him in my mind as something exceptional for a difficult time but I had no idea of how much I d love him Even though I read these short stories in a very old and stilted Greek translation from the early 60s, I m in awe of his writing skills and of the totally original and penetrating way he treated his subjects that were very removed from my usual interests Pure genious Can t wait to buy his whole uvre in the original English this time and immerse myself in his world. Antras susitikimas su Fitzgerald u ir n kiek nenusivyliau Kaip tik paker jo Spalvinga, jau iama prabanga, o kartu ir skausmas, keisti siekiai bei susipainiojimas, auk tuomen s i si okimai bei vertybi ie kojimas Apsakymai susij su prarast ja karta, kiekviena istorija ka kuo pana i ir kitokia Nupie ia viena po kito geresn paveiksl Nesinori baigti knygos ir atsisveikinti, gerai, kad lentynoje turiu dar vien jo knyg. I have read this book countless times If you only ever buy one F Scott book, buy this one His development as an author unfolds before your eyes as you read his early stories of ambitious youth and eventually wander into his later tales of reflection on human frailty From Bernice and her Bob to Emotional Bankruptcy and everything in between, this is a collection of short stories to keep on your bedside table for a lifetime. We all know I m giving this as many stars as I can possibly give, so let s just go ahead and take care of that right now A constellation and a galaxy of Gatsby s silver peppered stars Also, in case you re wondering, The Ice Palace and The Offshore Pirate are two of my favorite stories of all time. 5 4 May Day, The diamond as big as the Ritz, The Rich Boy, Gretchen s Forty Winks, Babylon revisited, Winter Dreams, The baby party, A short trip home 3 The cut glass bowl, An Alcoholic case, The lees of happiness, The last of the belles, Pat Hobby s Christmas Wish, Teamed with genius, Pat Hobby s secret, Pat Hobby putative father, The homes of the stars, Pat Hobby does his bit, Pat Hobby s preview, No harm trying, On the trail of Patt Hobby, Fun is an artist s Studio, Two old timers, Mightier than the sword, The sensible thing, Absolution, Magnestism, The rough crossing, Josephine A woman with a past, Two wrongs, Crazy sunday, Three hours between planes, The lost decade 2 Financing Finnegan, A man in the way, Boil some water Lots of it , Pat Hobby and Orson Welles, A patriotic short, Pat Hobby s college days, Bernice bobs her hair, Basil The freshest boy, The bridal party 1 My friend recommended this book, and I really wanted to like it While Fitzgerald s pedigree cannot be debated, this anthology is a good example of drinking from a fire hose How many stories of Ivy League socialites or bored Southern heiresses does one need For me the answer is about 300 pages fewer than the 750 contained in this volume.Skip around and skim there s plenty to enjoy here, but no need to take in everything Special mention must be made of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fitzgerald s wildly imaginative tale of a man who ages backward. Today, F Scott Fitzgerald is known for his novels, but in his lifetime, his fame stemmed from his prolific achievement as one of America s most gifted and best paid writers of stories and novellas In The Short Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald , Matthew J Bruccoli, the country s premier Fitzgerald scholar and biographer, assembles a sparkling collection that encompasses the full scope of Fitzgerald s short fiction The forty three masterpieces range from early stories that capture the fashion of the times to later ones written after the author s fabled crack up, which are sober reflections on his own youthful excesses Included are classic novellas, such as The Rich Boy, May Day, and The Diamond as Big as the Ritz, as well as a remarkable body of work he wrote for the Saturday Evening Post and its sister slicks These stories can be read as an autobiographical journal of a great writer s career, an experience deepened by the illuminating introductory headnotes that Matthew Bruccoli has written for each story, placing it in its literary and biographical context.Together, these forty three stories compose a vivid picture of a lost era, but their brilliance is timeless This essential collection is a monument to the genius of one of the great voices in the history of American literature. This book of short stories novellas really, as each story is an hour or so long are very much of their time People don t live like that any Its a three and a half star book, the boring stories, Benediction and the Camel s Back getting two stars each and the really good ones, Bernice and Benjamin Button getting four The Lees of Happiness is right in the middle with three.Bernice Bobs her Hair is a lovely story of how the makeover of an unpopular cousin rebounds on the one generous enough to help the girl but not quite generous enough to give up her own man and place in the spotlight Bernice gets her own back Benediction is a story that might appeal to Catholics a lot than it did to me The Camel s Back was probably very amusing at the time but now the tales of the rich and louche who offer money to those they consider their social inferiors as a way of getting them to do what they want has been taken over by endless tales of Hollywood stars and rich nobodies like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and those of their ilk Time, and wrinkles, will put them back in their place The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was a better film, a marvellous film, that it was short novel Its an interesting concept, starting off old and working backwards in life and F Scott Fitzgerald told it better than anyone.The last story, the Lees of Happiness, meandered hither and thither and there was an overdone contrast between the bleached blonde and the good woman who stood by her man til the very end However, it was the bleached blonde that came out with what she wanted, although I don t think I was supposed to draw that conclusion I think my sympathies were supposed to lie with the virtue of the good woman and so they did, until the end What point is there in maintaining virtue over happiness when there is no one to benefit You can listen to the stories here First of all, I really appreciated Bruccoli s collection The introduction is personable and informative and the small explanations before each story help to place the writer within his context.Some might say that so many stories might become drab How much rich whining and poor in spirit can one take I think this is something we take for granted now Then, before and after the Crash and The Great Depression, when the national identity and arrogance was wrapped up in the frivolity of day to day vacationing and swollen bank accounts, such a view on the Rich was either inconsequential, beyond surface acknowledgement, or pure fantasy and scholastic foreplay I think it unfair to discount Fitzgerald s perspective and clarity of mind simply because of his subject matter.As was so poignantly captured in Dearly Beloved , youth was the strength of Fitzgerald s understanding Not the physical vigor or potential prowess of it, but the dreaming and looking to a better day But what better day is there than being in youth it s one plague the distraction toward the future Perhaps Fitzgerald tried to remain in his youth, much to his own disillusionment This was an excellent collection, an excellent read and I feel I now know the writer and would tell anyone that I prefer his short stories to his novels.

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