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Show No Mercy The sexy heroes of Black Ops, Inc a covert private security team, sizzle in New York Times bestselling author Cindy Gerard's electrifying new romantic suspense seriesE SULTRY HEAT Only two things can compel journalist Jenna McMillan back to Buenos Aires after terrorists held her captive there just months before: a rare interview with a shadowy billionaire and the memory of the dark and dangerous man who saved her HIDES THE DEADLIEST THREATS Bad guys, bombs, and bullets are Gabriel Jones's way of life But he'll never forget the brash redhead he rescued not so long agoor the passionate kiss they shared before he sent her packing AND EXPOSES THE DEEPEST DESIRES Now, forced together by a bombing at the National Congress, Jenna and Gabe confront the urgent longings that simmer between them But this surprise meeting is no coincidence A ruthless enemy stalks them with deadly precision The question isif they make it out alive, will Gabe turn his back on Jennan?

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 359 pages
  • Show No Mercy
  • Cindy Gerard
  • English
  • 24 July 2019
  • 9781416566724

10 thoughts on “Show No Mercy

  1. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    It's been nine months since Jenna McMillan left Argentina after having helped Gabe Jones and the other members of the Black Ops, Inc. team bring down MC6 in Buenos Aires. It was a despicable group headed by Erich Alder and Jenna almost lost her life along with her edge. When she's presented an opportunity to return to that country for an interview with the head of a major company, Jenna sees it as a chance to get back into the game and face her fears...and the man she's not been able to get out of her head since she left.

    I believe if you haven't read the last book in The Bodyguards series where these characters were introduced, you'll miss important story and character nuances even though the facts were well summarized here. Just my opinion.

    I loved learning Gabe's rich and tragic backstory as it explained so well the man of the present. Where he annoyed me slightly in the last book, he was someone I admired and championed in this story. I liked Jenna's edginess and courage but especially appreciated her insight into Gabe once he revealed his past to her. Gerard doesn't pull punches or attempt to lighten the realities of the brutality in these situations. It was tough to take in but made the story feel authentic. The secondary relationship was an added treat.

    This was a great start to the series and I liked how it was bridged to The Bodyguards. Gabe and Jenna are strong characters that stayed true to their respective natures as they found middle ground. Even though I saw the twist coming, the level of suspense and tension didn't suffer because the how was what made the story compelling. And, I feel like I know the rest of the team well enough to anticipate their stories. I'll definitely continue on.

  2. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening LineTracer rounds zipped across the murky darkness, lighting up the night sky in brilliant slashes of red, yellow and green.

    WOW this one's a keeper. I absolutely loved this book it's got everything you could possibly want in a romantic suspense; uber alpha-male hero, exotic locations, suspense, drama, explosions, gunfights, hot sweaty jungles, passionate love scenes, psychotic villains, movie-worthy action scenes and some of the most touching dialogue I've read. (gotta love those tortured heroes) There's also a sweet secondary romance and best of all a whole team of Black Ops just waiting to have their stories told next.

    Usually a book is somewhat entertaining or nice to read before bed, well SHOW NO MERCY gave me actual emotions. At times my heart was racing, I was tense, sad, angry, and found myself swearing with surprise. Then just when I thought everything was going to be all wrapped up nice and happily-ever-after Gerard twisted the ending, briefly left me hanging and created a lifelong fan. This is one of those books that will stay with me for a long time and I've just ordered the rest of the Black-Ops series.

    Only two things could take journalist Jenna McMillan back to Buenos Aires after being held captive by terrorists months before: a rare interview with reclusive billionaire Maxim and the memory of the tough and oh so sexy man who saved her before. Gabriel Jones is a warrior and after a lifetime in the military and profound personal loss he is scarred both inside and out. Missions and combat are his way of life now.

    He and the other members of Black-Ops have just been hired to protect Maxim which is a happy coincidence because they're also watching him for presumed terrorist connections. So when a bomb explodes at Jenna's interview Gabe is right there to save her life although he's badly injured in the process. When it becomes apparent that Jenna not Maxim is the target she's forced to join Gabe and the mercenaries. However this is no coincidence and a ruthless enemy is now stalking them both.

    THEN things really heat up and man there's a lot going on. With Gabe and Jenna fighting for their lives (and Gabe briefly turning into Rambo) their growing feelings take center stage and the sexual tension is almost as fantastic as the fast paced action. Jenna is strong yet vulnerable and Gabe is filled with so much guilt that he may never let her into his heart, turning his back on her just when he needs her most.

    I will admit in the beginning my mind wandered as we got a very detailed back story and introduction to a huge cast of characters however things picked up rapidly and chapter 25 nearly put me over the edge...I'll be back for Take No Prisoners. Cheers!

  3. Auntee Auntee says: to begin? How about I loved it! This was a taut, action-packed read, with a hero and heroine I really liked.

    We first met the H/H in a previous book called Into The Dark. Although this book is technically the start of a new series (Black Ops series), do yourself a favor and make sure you read Into the Dark first, you'll understand the characters a whole lot more. I had read Into the Dark, but it's been about a year, and I've read a lot of books since, so my memories were a little hazy. But the author does a pretty good job with getting you up to speed with the characters' backstory, so I suppose this could be read as a stand alone if you'd like.

    I won't get into the plot--the book synopsis does a pretty good job of spelling it out. But I will say that Gabe Jones (the hero) is one sexy uber-alpha male! This guy will just break your heart! Wow, he carries around a load of hurt and guilt. He had to do something in his past that would just destroy a lesser man--you'll just want to grab him and hold him and make it all better! And feisty, stubborn Jenna is just the woman to take him on. Loved these two and the chemistry they had--they did the old love/hate thing very well. They have some scenes...whew! They even made a scene where Jenna shaves Gabe scorchingly hot!

    I will say the ending surprised me a little. Something happens to Gabe that I didn't think would happen, and I loved how the author had the characters handle this little turn of events.

    Since this is a new series, the author spends some time setting up future stories by introducing a bunch of interesting characters, some who have also made appearances in Into The Dark. There is a romance that develops between two '40-something' characters that was left open-ended. I hope to read more about this couple.

    If you like hot alpha men, strong heroines, and enjoy romantic suspense by authors like Cherry Adair, Suzanne Brockmann, or Marliss Melton, I'm sure you'll enjoy this exciting entry by the talented Cindy Gerard--4 1/2 stars!

  4. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    It's not you, Gerard. It's me. Kind of...

    I'm just so used to my heroes being able fly/regenerate their health/drink blood/turn into a wolf/read minds/move at impossible speeds.

    I just guess a super commando butch dude with no super powers or abilities couldn't keep up with those kind of expectations. And to be honest, who could?

    But something did get at me about Show No Mercy though.

    You see, my Babcia (Pronounced: Bub-shia) and dziedek (Pronounced Jad-eck) watch those Danielle Steele movies that come on cheap dvd with bad actors, soft lighting and really horrible late 80's-early 90's fashion.

    Every time Babcia makes us watch one she says, Is so beautiful! Like real life! Very sad! You watch! I make nallashniki (Clarification: I don't know how to write the polish word for Nallashniki so I've written it as pronounced. Knowing Polish it's probably something like Nalaszcnizckizzzzyzyxyzyzyxywqw)

    So then we inevitably end up watching some very tragic movie about some chick whose husband dumps her because she got pregnant and she meets some really nice, and handsome, divorcee who takes care of her until she has the baby and then her husband wants her back but her new boyfriend has cancer and then... well, I don't know because we end up falling asleep to protect our brains from the pain.

    Well, those movies so reminded me of this book. She's a journalist (they always are, aren't they!) he's a mercinary fighting for good, evil is afoot. He's dangerous and sexy and she's fiery and stubborn.

    It was just so very... predictable. He can't be tamed and she's so sexy that he can't help but try to protect her... blah blah blah.

    It just isn't my thing.

    Now some one point me in the direction of the vampires!

  5. Chan Chan says:

    I’ve figured out my problem. I had a reading deficiency. A bad one

    I needed an action hit. HARD! OMGosh...I don’t think y’all understand how bad I needed this. I’m so happy right now!

    This was a buddy read with KarenH and we picked the book from her shelf. Nothing but love for you Karen

    The beginning was a little slow and I think Cindy could have organized it a little better. Then there was a little confusion because it appears that this book is an extension of another series.


    Gabe and his band of Alpha brothers/colleagues were amazing! Jenna was great too. Strong, but with a realistic strength for someone who doesn’t live that life.

    And the action! YES! It was all throughout the book, not just the end or the beginning, but THROUGHOUT! Stuff was blowing up. People were being shot. Throats were slit. Tear gas was thrown. Cars were driving into buildings. There were explosions...YEEEESSSSS!!!!!

    My excitement made me a little lightheaded :o)

    And the ending! No pretty pink bow here. Nope. Cindy gave us the harsh truth of what could happen when you sign your life away to that type of job.

    You know...I need to go back and reread some of the books I recently rated 3 stars (especially the Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan). I really think it was me and not the book. Now that I received my fix, I might be able to enjoy it better.

  6. Theresa Theresa says:

    I'll start on a positive note because I was raised to have one of those the glass is half-full outlooks on life...

    What I liked about this book:
    1. The secondary romance. I can't give their names away because it doesn't start until half-way through the book and I don't want to mark this review as spoilery. I REALLY liked the secondary romance - it was believable between two warm, caring people. (I should note at this point that the secondary romance is the only reason this book received three stars.)
    2. Johnny Reed. Dislike the name strongly, but love his character. Especially the fact that he hugs and offers support to Jenna (heroine) when Gabe (hero) is being a jerk (most of the book).
    3. Consequences. I did like that the hero actually suffers the consequences for his actions. I can't say much without giving away a point at the end, but it was nice for a change to have a hero have to live with the results of his own carelessness.

    What I didn't like about this book:
    1. This is not a new series - don't be deceived! I assumed since it is listed as the start of a new series that it would be, you know, an actual new series, not a continuation of an existing series with a new series title. I was wrong. This book is actually a continuation of the author's other series, The Bodyguards. Some people might not be bothered by this, but Jenna and Gabe met in the last book in the Bodyguards series and I'm guessing had a history. What that history was is anyone's guess. That's right, the author never does a flashback or gives an actual explanation of what happened. Did they share a smooch? Baby-making action? Have a nice long talk to get to know one another?
    2. Continuing in the same vein, Jenna realizes she loves Gabe fairly early on. Really? They don't even know each other in this book - again, maybe they talked and such in the previous book, BUT THE AUTHOR DOESN'T SAY - other than in the biblical sense. I didn't buy the early professions of love at all.
    3. Gabe. Okay, he's alpha and macho and has a big you-know-what. So what? Other than his hero complex and the ginormous baggage he's carrying around (which I do admit was pretty damn sad and horrible - poor guy), he doesn't really seem to have a personality.
    4. This is one book were I absolutely did not need to be privy to the bad guy's thoughts. What we learn while in El Diablo and Maxim's heads is something that is still bothering me today. Beyond just the torture and cutting up of bodies (that is not very graphic - it is mentioned and you get to fill in the blanks), there is the fact that these guys and possibly their group of mad men (?), like little boys. And not just watching. This was just too much information.

    I'm fairly irritated with this book and after having forced myself to finish it, I became irritated with myself for finishing it. I should have put it down at the 122 page mark when I was seriously contemplating putting it in the Donate to Library bag.

    There is a great review of this book here.

  7. DarienMoya DarienMoya says:


    So I am gonna do this a little differently, keeping it fresh and hot. So this is the first book in the Black Ops series, no its not about black operatives and yes the men are sexy. These guys infiltrate a situation and take out the bad guys and they do it in style. I am talking guns a blazing, knives a stabbing and smack talking. Yes! These guys got balls.

    THE RUNDOWN- Its been a few months since Jenna McMillan was rescued from a nasty situation down in Argentina, this where the guns a blazing thing comes in. While working on a story, she gets caught up in something she should not know, was captured, tortured a little and almost died. Well her rescuer was none other than Gabriel Jones aka the Arch Angel. He was her knight in camouflage, but they didn’t exactly get along and they butted heads every chance they got. Eventually she had to leave but she never forgot him.

    GABRIEL- He lives for the next mission, always ready and willing to blow some stuff up. He knows what its like to lose a loved one, his job lost him someone special and he has decided to never let anyone that close again. Until there was Jenna, the woman rubs him the wrong, and in his dreams she rubs him all the right ways too.

    JENNA- A journalist running from her job, since the stint in Argentina her ego has been lacking in the confident department. Well she has been offered a new story and this one is BIG! Problem she has to head back to Argentina and Gabe is there. After thinking she would never see him again, it seems like she just might.

    PLOT- Jenna and Gabe are caught up in the game of a madman. He wants revenge and he will not stop until they are both dead. More things gets blown up, and Jenna has to prove that she is the right woman for Gabe. That is a slow process but the sexy time sure is fun. Gabe sets the sheet on fire, and he didn’t need any C4.

    FEELINGS- Loved it, pure action movie to the face. Gabe is a dream he is all 100% man, with the scars to prove it. The ultimate alpha-male with a wicked sense of humour. Jenna holds her own, she handles Gable like a dream and in a tough situation she leaves the breaking down till its over. Together, hottness. I wanna play connect the dots, twister and operation with these two( a little book humour). An excellent read, with hot romance, I cant wait to get the other books in the series. Lets just say Gabe isn’t the only one hot enough to cause fires, his fellow Ops are downright sexy. I am gonna love this series.

  8. Jane Stewart Jane Stewart says:

    Not recommended for a variety of reasons.

    Adler is a bad guy with an operation in the jungle of Argentina. Gabe works for a covert private security team. He is in love with Angelina who has been kidnapped by Adler. Jenna is a journalist doing a story about Adler. Their paths first cross while fighting Adler and destroying his compound. Unfortunately Angelina died during torture by
    Adler. Nine months later, Jenna returns to Argentina to do a story on Maxim, a wealthy businessman. Gabe is part of the group hired to protect Maxim. Jenna and Gabe are both at the National Congress when a bomb goes off, injuring Gabe. Bad guys are after them.

    I feel like I didn’t get to know Gabe and Jenna very well. I wanted to feel more for them. Gabe was the strong silent type and never admitted to himself or her that he liked Jenna. Jenna was frequently sarcastic. There was no emotional development. As far as Gabe was concerned, their relationship was physical only. There was also too much pondering and exaggerating within their minds.

    The author referred to the Adler story happening 9 months earlier, a few different times. This was vaguely told and not shown. I would have preferred the author spend at least 10 or more pages and show that story in detail. It sounded like an exciting rescue/attack, but the reader never got the details. Since “Show No Mercy” is Book 1 in the Black Ops, Inc. series, this 9-month-earlier event was not in a previous book.

    I was almost at the middle of the book when I thought when is something going to happen? I was getting all these side stories and back stories, but not sure where it was all going. The last half of the book did feel more like a story, and it was good. However, I did not like two events described in Spoilers below.

    Story length: 359 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 4. Length of sex scenes: 0.4, 1.6, 4 and 13 pages. Total number of sex scene pages: 19. Setting: current day West Africa, Wyoming, Argentina, Washington D.C. Copyright: 2008. Genre: romantic suspense.


    I did not like the event where Gabe went alone to the bad guy in the jungle. Gabe had a great group of special forces guys working with him. He got a phone call telling where the bad guy was, and he thought there was no time to get his buddies to go with him because they were 20 minutes away. Therefore, he goes to the airport alone and takes a 4-hour flight to get to the location. Then he has to fight the bad guys alone. Plus, Gabe was wounded and ill with a fever. His buddies had a chopper and other resources. I cannot buy that his buddies couldn’t get to the location with him.

    I was also frustrated when Jenna was kidnapped from under the noses of the good guys. They were using her as bait and at a minimum should have placed a location transmitter on her body somewhere (or have her swallow it). Somehow it seemed too easy for the bad guys to get her. In some books, this type of scene works, but for some reason when I read it here, I was annoyed. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was because the special forces guys protecting her seemed so much smarter than this.

  9. Gina Gina says:

    I don't know what to say....except....I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!! OH MY GOD....

    Action, suspense, good guys, bad guys, emotions, fear, bravery, honesty and hot steamy action and throw in a bunch of hot hot alpha men....

    I loved Gabe.... I loved Jenna. I don't even know how to express how i feel...

    I must think about this I think. I will say this, it is 11:15 pm, my alarm is going to go off at 4:30 am because i have to drive 4.5 hours to New York for an appointment and them back again in the same day. I should have gone to bed early, but I absolutely could not put this book down!

    For me this book had it all, the action started in the beginning and grabbed me and never let go till the end. And the ending.... *tears*

    Did i say I loved Gabe? Just want everyone to understand, I love that man! He goes right to the tippy tippy top of my all time favorite hunklicious hot alpha men.

    Ok. I have had some sleep and I want to add something to my review. Before you read this book you should read Into the Dark that is where Gabe and Jenna first meet and the attraction begins. The bodyguard series is a good series, but to start this series you really need to start there. Again I am going to talk about Gabe, he is one of the best hero's i have read so far. And Jenna is one of the best heroines, she is smart, funny and tough, and the best match for Gabe. Did i mention i love Gabe! :o)

  10. Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳ Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳ says:

    Rating rounded to 3 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    To much intel and not enough romance, this one was a tough one to get into.

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